About Us

I have been fascinated with brands since a young age. Not with the social standing that a popular brand can give you or the monetary value that a brand has, but with the story behind the brand.

How did it happen that an idea that was dreamt up by an individual, gained enough traction to be recognised and desired the world over?

Reading the stories of these brands, the underlying thread is that of passion, perseverance and tenacity.

So why then a website dedicated to local, artisan brands?

Because there is a new generation of brave souls that need to be celebrated. We live in a world where we are bombarded with all these ‘we made it’ brands who seems to no longer be driven by shear passion. They demand our time and attention, with us so willing to abide. Yet, there are new dreamers with new ideas that are worthy of our admiration.

But the greatest reason of all is the pure magic of holding a product conceptualised by an individual who actually still really cares what you think about their creation. You can see their signature mark on the product, in my opinion the truest intention of a brand, and somehow you are able to experience the part of their soul that was poured into the object you are holding in your hand. It is awe-inspiring!

It is therefore fitting that there should be a place that honour them for the brave souls they are!